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When trying to get a computer of yours fixed or a problem with it resolved, there aren’t a lot of options to choose from in the form of remote support. You can look at the computer warranty or the peripheral in question and call the company up to get the support that way but the technicians are not always trained well and would normally recommend you return the computer for a refund or file for an RMA, a Return Merchandise Authorization, which would allow you to return it for repair or replacement. When specifically looking for remote support we don’t recommend straying too far as the risk of getting caught in a scam goes higher and higher.

While a lot of companies outsource their remote support to other countries like India including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Dell, and HP, it doesn’t help that most of the scams come from call centers located off coastal lines. If you want to have your computer repaired or looked at locally in Palm Desert then you have the option of going to one of the large retail chain stores like Best Buy, or to a local computer repair business like Desert Computer Agents at (760) 760-4096. At Desert Computer Agents we have the best of both worlds where we can schedule an in-person appointment or a remote session and you’ll always have a local technician to help you out.