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About Us

Desert Computer Agents always aim to provide our clients with top-notch, professional IT support. We understand that you depend on your technology and that’s why we not only provide expert solutions but also responsive and reliable customer service. We have over 15 years of industry experience, our consultants are experts at helping your or your organization manage the rapid change and complexities inherent to technology service and support operations by solving complex problems that challenge the industry.
Our Agents specialize in the following areas:
  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic reports ranging from Microsoft Office365 applications and ZOOM to commercially licensed CRMs and Point of Sales systems.
  • Network Setup
  • Commercial and Residential wireless network installation and security setup.
  • Desktop IT Support
  • Diagnostics for boot-up or other issues. Windows, Linux, or MacOS operating systems support.
  • Server IT Support
  • Microsoft Server, SQL, and database management or transfers.
  • Network Storage and Backup
  • Local or Cloud storage solutions, recommendations, and support.
  • Email Support
  • Email troubleshooting and organization email solution setup and support.
  • Printer Support
  • Residential to enterprise printer setup and troubleshooting.
  • Data Recovery
  • Residential and commercial software data recovery and data loss prevention implementations.
  • Home Office Consultations
  • Computer, peripherals, network, and storage setups, solutions, and/or recommendations.
  • And More!
  • Desert Computer Agents are here to help you. Call us today with your technical problem and one of our responsive agents will determine if it is within our broad range of expertise.
We know that your time is valuable and your schedule is unique. Desert Computer Agents have both in-person and remote appointment options to seamlessly work into your schedule and provide the support you need wherever you are.
Call Desert Computer Agents at (760) 760-4096 next time you need computer help.