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Business Email

Business emails are an important communication tool for the business organization. A business email is not only professional but is generally more secure than a personal Gmail or Microsoft Outlook email account. This article will discuss tips on how to write an effective business email, what .org domains are and the importance of a .org domain, how to register and create a business email with a .org domain, as well as steps to take to fix email delivery issues as a business administrator.

Writing an Effective Business Email

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Business emails should be written in a tone that is direct, and clear, but also easy to read. You can adopt an informal or formal tone, depending on your intended audience as well as the style used by your organization (whether your own business or a business you are employed with). All in all, a business email should always be professional, meaning you would not write the same way with a work email as you would with a personal email (, n.d.).

With that said, here are some simple tips to help you write a business email: Your greeting should be short and friendly, and if you are familiar with the recipient, use their first name. If you would like to be more formal, or if you are not familiar with the recipient, address the recipient by their last name (, n.d.). Here is an example: "Hello, John," or "Hello, Mr. Smith". The body of your email should get right to the main point you are discussing. If you think about easy readability, needing to read through an entire paragraph or two to understand what the email is about, distracts the reader. Your main point should be in the first sentence or two of your email. If you are including an attachment in your email, make sure to mention this at the end of the email. Finally, develop a call to action (i.e., what action are you wanting of the recipient?) (, n.d.). The end of your email should be a quick farewell, and it should also include a thank you in addition to providing your name and contact information for the recipient to follow up with you (, n.d.).

.ORG vs .COM Domains

.com vs .org
In short, .org is short for ‘organization’ and .com is short for ‘commercial’. If you are a non-profit business, you will want to use .org, as the .org extension is used for charities, non-profits, and other similar organizations. On the other hand, if you are a for-profit company, you will want to use the .com extension. There is a degree of importance, however, in making sure you choose the correct domain name, as individuals will connect a .org domain name with a non-profit whose aim it is, is not to sell anything, while with a .com domain, it is understood that there may be something to sell, whether a product or service (White & Main, 2022). You can find more information about the prices, registration details, terms and restrictions, as well as general setup information about .org domains from Google Domains Help.

Custom Email With .ORG or .COM Domain

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Using the .org or .com domain you have created as a professional email address lets recipients know that they can trust the business email, but this also lets you grow your official digital identity (Hartman, 2020). You can quickly create a custom email address with a .org or .com domain by first registering your domain. GoDaddy can help you come up with an idea for your custom business email. The second step is to determine your plan. How much storage space do you anticipate you will need? Will you send large attachments with emails? Will you scale your business email? Will you also have a consultant that uses the email? (consultants will often send mass emails)? These are all questions you will need to ask yourself when determining what plan you will need for creating a business email. Once you have decided what business email and domain you will use, you simply need to officially register the domain, which will also require payment for your specific plan (Hartman, 2020).

Google Business Email

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You can quickly and easily set up a Google Business Email by visiting here where you can type in your business name, choose the number of employees (which allows you to select just yourself as an independent contractor), and your region, before finishing the process. The rest of the process for registering a Google Business Email is to select what custom email you want (for example, custom email@yourcompany), followed by choosing what ‘smart integrations’ you would like (these are things like connecting with your coworkers and others in Google Meet or Google Chat, sending out calendar invites, and integrating third-party applications among many others). You will also benefit from Smart Suggestions with a Google Business Email. Smart Suggestions involve, for instance, Smart Reply, Smart Compose, and also grammar suggestions. With Smart Reply and Smart Compose, you can customize what you would like the original message or reply to state. Google Business Email also uses machine-learning security to protect you from malicious threats (Google, n.d.). Finally, select your plan and you are good to go.

Email Hosting

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Email hosting, in a nutshell, is a hosting service that rents out space for email server services, and also operates email services. In essence, when you pay for an email hosting service, along with the domain name you are provided, you will have space to store and retrieve emails (which is essentially what Google Business Email or other domain services are). There are some important aspects to keep in mind when you are selecting an email hosting service. Ensure that the virus definitions (malware and virus protection) are kept up-to-date. Check to see how many mailboxes you will have access to (it is helpful to have unlimited mailboxes). Is email forwarding restricted? This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your emails. Is customer service 24/7 (Microsoft 365 Team (Ed.), 2019)?

Fix Email Delivery Issues as a Business Admin

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As a business admin, it is important that you are capable of understanding how to fix email delivery issues, whether that means that emails are received on your end, or that emails are successfully received by the intended recipients. Some things to keep in mind include whether the email hosting service is experiencing interruptions or undergoing scheduled maintenance, whether your spam filter settings are blacklisting emails that should not be blacklisted, or is the sender of the email is on a global block list (Simonxjx, 2022)? Is the user able to receive emails on the web version of their email provider, and likewise, are you, as the business able to receive emails on the web version of the email hosting service? If so, that means that there could be an issue with the email app. Try restarting or updating the app. Launch Support and Recovery Assistant on Windows and follow the prompts to check to see where any issues might be with receiving or sending emails. If you have a Microsoft 365 Administrator account, run the email delivery troubleshooter. You can do this by navigating to Admin > Service Settings > Email, calendar, and contacts, and looking for Email troubleshooting. Under Email troubleshooting, click on Troubleshoot message delivery, and follow the guided prompts (Simonxjx, 2022).
Image of an email with a sad person
Image of an email with a sad person

You can also try tracing emails. To trace emails, under Microsoft 365 Administrators, click on Admin > Exchange, Mail flow > Message trace. Run Message trace to view information about email delivery and receipt statistics. You will be able to observe common causes with email delivery and receipt, such as long latency times, unresponsiveness of the intended destination (most common), the fact that the email was blocked by a filtering service, or the fact that due to very large emails, the time to process the message takes a longer time than smaller emails (Simonxjx, 2022). With these steps, you should be able to restore normal email functionality.

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