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Computer Repair

When it comes to getting your computer fixed you have several options to choose from with support varying depending on the problem you’re experiencing. At Desert Computer Agents we provide a lot of flexibility with repairs and services, we can schedule in-person appointments within 48 hours where one of our technicians will be able to diagnose the problem quickly in your home or office or we can provide remote support where you will always talk to one of our local technicians. Here are a couple general guidelines when it comes to resolving problems with your computer or any accessories that might be connected, like your printer! Keep in mind that diagnosing the actual problem might be sophisticated and harder than it looks (or sometimes very easy!).

Won’t boot or it’s crashing! Under Warranty?

To start, it’s best to find out if your computer needs a professional to repair your machine or if this is a task you can take on yourself. If you’re experiencing severe problems with your computer like the computer won’t boot up or it’s constantly crashing and the age of the computer, laptop, or accessory is relatively young (under 2 years), consider reading the warranty and calling up the manufacturer. If you’re still not sure but would like to check to see if this route is possible you can still give us a call and we would gladly give you some advice on how to proceed. This can even apply to hardware you may have purchased recently like a graphics card or a new harddrive.

I think I might have a virus!

While PC’s running a recent version of Windows come with built-in antivirus software, they aren’t always specific enough or sometimes smart enough to detect all viruses, so we recommend getting a 3rd party anti-virus (We will have an article for which one we recommend most in the future). Sometimes the 3rd party antivirus can remove a virus that has already infected the machine but sometimes not and a more thorough inspection of the drive is needed. What we would typically do in this case where the antivirus failed and a manual removal failed we would backup all personal data and format the drive with the same operating system and then restore the back-up.

My printer isn’t working!

Printers can oftentimes be a nightmare as they work one day and stop working the next. While we will have a more indepth view on how to diagnose the problems with your printer you can generally figure out the problem quickly when you narrow it down from being the physical printer, the network connection or the PC. First check if the printer is displaying any messages like it being jammed, low on ink or low on paper (or any other error message). If none are displayed then print a test page directly from your printer (The network status test page would give you the most information and can be found normally in the network settings). If your printer prints a page and everything looks good, then great, it’s not likely the printer that is the problem but either the connection to your PC or your PC itself. Next check your connection settings to your wifi or your PC. If you printed out the Network status test page you can see if it’s connected to your wifi as it will normally display its name. Check the cord and see if it’s properly seated into the jack or usb! If the connections look good then it does generally narrow it down to be the PC that’s causing the problem (Not always but most of the time). Go into your PC settings panel and re-add your printer by searching for it, it should locate it quickly if it’s physically attached to your PC or within 10 seconds if it’s wireless. If you can’t find it then downloading the drivers can likely help. Searching for the name of the printer with the model number and "Drivers" at the end of a Google search will nine times out of ten lead you to their website and the correct driver page (e.g. "Canon MF632C Drivers"). Download and install the drivers, they will help resolve the connection issue your PC might be having with your printer.

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